CAD/CAM Software

  • Autodesk Fusion 360

  • Autodesk TrueView

CNC Milling

  • Toyo Seiki Cobra 400 w/4th Axis

Manual Milling

  • Grizzly G0619 6x21 with Power Tapping and DRO

Manual Turning

  • Logan Model 1955 11" swing x 36" max length

Surface Grinding

  • Acra 1632HS Surface Grinder with 32″ x 16″ X-Y travel and hydraulic feed

Inspection Equipment

  • Gage Master Series 20 Model 29 Optical Comparator with GM4 DRO

  • Mitutoyo IDU25E with Johansson Gauge Base

  • Assorted Mitutoyo and Starrett measuring equipment (micrometers, depth gauges, height gauges, calipers, gage blocks, gauge pins, etc.)

  • Collins Micro Flat 18” x 24” Granite Surface Plate Inspection Grade A

  • Standridge 24” x 36” Granite Surface Plate Inspection Grade A

Support Equipment

  • Sunnen Hone Model MBB-1660 capacity .060"- 6.500" diameter

  • Burgmaster 0B Turret Drill

  • Sherline CNC 8020 Mill with 4th axis

  • Sherline CNC 8440 Lathe

  • Sherline CNC 4" Rotary Indexer

  • Assorted set-up equipment (sine tables, rotary tables, angle plates, etc.)

  • Assorted bench and belt grinders

Workholding and Tooling

  • Orange Vice OV6-175DS2 x2 with Monster Jaws

  • MariTool Collet Chucks and Endmill Holders

  • Mitee-Bite Fixture Clamps assorted sizes and styles

  • Qualichem Xtreme Cut 290 on all machines